Control Anti-theft System

CATS® anti-theft control system- is designed to prevent the theft of your company’s assets. This system is a combination of RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology integrated with a software application. This application is designed to be installed at the entrance / exit points of the building and can communicate with the RFID tags attached to any of your assets. If some of your assets with a security RFID tag crosses these access doors, the CATS® system will detect it and activate an alarm immediately. It is an effective system and can not be deceived.



Captures all assets with RFID tags in the entry / exit zones.

Checks if an asset is on our security list.

Reading up to
approximately 6-10 meters distance per unit .

Activates an alarm (Audible, Visual), records event and notifies via email,
whatssap, or Pushover