fábula©-Laundry Management

fábula© Management and Control System for work centers, industrial laundries, hospitals, residences and geriatrics, that work with work and / or flat clothes through
RFID or barcodes.


Satisfaction of all your customers giving a better service through the labeling of the packages.

Control of the entire production line by resources (employees, production lines, families, types), packages, weights and units.

Guarantee of a complete billing that includes all the clothes that have been tagged.

Analysis and Statistics of your production line to help you make decisions to be more productive and reduce costs.

Easy to use for its tactile and visual design.

It facilitates the obtaining of ISO standards of Control and Quality

Modules and functions

Management of your clients, articles, weights and prices

Control of quantities and weights of your packages

Labeling, delivery notes, billing of your production

Management Renting by RFID and barcodes

List management, analysis and statistics of your business

Link management with accounting

Security and audit of your operators

Visual design
Touch and intuitive easy to use

Traceability of clothes